Hi my friend! I’m Rhianon.

Yes, named after the Fleetwood Mac song (good thing I love them). Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Libra rising. I’m a branding, retreat, and portrait photographer who captures the soul of business owners, the magic of retreats, and the unique ideas of people who want photos rooted in purpose + transmit you into the emotions, so your photos can embody your heart + soul and you can live freely in a space that aligns, is intentional, and sustainable without sacrificing yourself or mama earth. 

Anything with peanut butter + dark chocolate

Mama Earth

Harry Potter, Marvel, Lord of the Rings (basically all of the fandoms except for Star Wars. . . sorry Star Wars fans!)

New York City

Crystals, oracle decks, incense, all the witchy things

Daily dance breaks

Singing Disney songs + Broadway albums at the top of my lungs

Traveling this big, beautiful world (especially being in the moutains)

Being the biggest supporter for my friends


Unconventional in

the best way

My story

I graduated from college with a degree in elementary education... then had brain surgery, decided I didn’t actually want to teach elementary school, moved to Alaska to be a travel nanny for a year, moved back home to Missouri and started a photography business. Obviously a lot of stuff happened in between, but that’s the long story short. 

Sound like your life?

Maybe minus the brain surgery...but the point is, you didn’t desire the career and life that society told you that you should desire. You wanted to live an adventure, like my guy, Bilbo Baggins. You forged your own path. Started your own business that filled with your heart and soul. Your passion. And I’m here to help you show your potential clients and community, your own passion through photos.

Like my girl Jenna Zoe said “The most aligned way for you is to do it the way you’d secretly love to be doing it”, which is what I’m doing in my life and in my business and I know you are too.