Branding photography for the passionate, purpose-driven, aligned business. Investments start at $2,555. 

Products for commercial photography

Inquire for a personal quote on commercial photography for your business. 


Retreat photography to capture the daily moments and the magic of the experience. Investments based on the length of your retreat and the amount of coverage desired.


Creative portrait photography for those who want to get a little funky, do something beautifully unique, showcase themselves in a way that celebrates who they are at the core. Investments start at $555. 


Inquiry & Conceptualizing

First things first, head over to my contact page and fill out my inquiry form. It’ll hit my inbox, I’ll see it and dance for joy, then email you back scheduling a 30 min discovery call. This is where we will chat about you, your dreams and ideas for the project, what I can offer you and how we can together bring this dream into reality. After the call I’ll send you over a proposal and contract to sign and then we can get started on making some magic together!

Diving Deep

Once we are officially working together, I will send you a questionnaire to have you fill out. This questionnaire is just as much for you as it is for me. I want you to really dive deep into yourself and what you want your business and your life to look like. 

Pre-shoot Vision & Planning Meeting

If you are local we will meet in person, if not we will hop on a Zoom call, but either way in this 1 hour meeting we will nail down everything to ensure shoot day goes beautifully! We will talk about sourcing props, location details, outfits, timeline of the day, everything you need to know so we are on the same page. After this I will email you your brand story mood board that I create for you based on your questionnaire, pinterest board, and everything we’ve talked about.

Shoot Day

We arrive to location, set up, chat a bit, and open up the space/day with a card pull, quick mediation, kombucha, incense, whatever you want to do to drop in and be present for the day. Then we get to photographing!


I will send you an email with your gallery of images within 3 weeks! You can then get to posting them on your socials, your website, wherever you want! We can also schedule a post-shoot image strategy call where I can walk you through on how to best utilize your images if you want that extra service.


Do you travel or do I have to be local to Missouri?

Heck yes I travel! You most definitely do not have to be local to the midwest to hire me. Travel is quite literally my favorite thing in the world and I’m stoked when clients want to send me somewhere! Costa Rica? Colorado? Italy? NYC? LET’S GO!! If your session is product-based and you don’t need to be present at the photoshoot, we can also chat about the options for shipping your products to me. 

This depends on your needs and the final proposal I send you, but personal branding starts at 75 images for 3 hours and portraits at 35. And then depending on the length of coverage for your retreat, 100-400 photos.

How many images are included?

Do I have to be at the photoshoot and/or there for the entire time?

If you are booking a full branding shoot and are wanting to include personal content photos of you, then yes you should most definitely be there! Hehe but if you are a product-based business and I am only photographing your products, it’s then up to you! I can create a beautiful and magical gallery based on our co-created mood board without you actually being there if you don’t want to be/can’t be there.

What’s your turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on the type of session you are inquiring for. Generally though, you’ll receive your gallery of high-resolution fully edited images in an online gallery within 3 weeks! 

I wholeheartedly believe in supporting my fellow creatives and will always pay them for their time and their talents. If we need any additional props or models or we need to rent a space for your shoot, the additional costs will be added onto your invoice! We will nail all that down in our pre-shoot vision call!

What about props/models/etc?

What brands do you work with?

I looove working with people in a variety of industries! Brick and mortar businesses, bloggers, strictly online shops, travel magazines, airbnbs, creative entrepreneurs, etc. The commonality between all my clients is that they are passionate, intentional, earth-loving human beings who want me to help showcase their heart + soul in photos. Take a look at some of my work here!